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Want us to team up with your local cat rescue for an event?

We'll always donate a percentage of the proceeds directly to them.

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Location: Los angeles county & orange county


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(The calendar is always being updated, so be sure to check back frequently.)

who we are:

The first ever mobile cat cafe

A modern establishment dedicated to bringing the cat cafe experience to you.


A brand new and unique take on the cat cafe concept, Moon Cat Cafe brings the cat cafe experience on the road to the public, utilizing a renovated step van outfitted with a modern aesthetic.


It offers a small but comfortable sit-down cafe environment (with adoptable cats and great coffee!), as well as fine artisan goods for sale. (See the Merchandise page for details.)



why mobile?


  • Accessibility: Los Angeles is a huge area notorious for heavy traffic, often making it stressful and inconvenient to get where you want to go. By being mobile, Moon Cat Cafe takes on that burden so you don't have to!
  • Affordability: The best part of being a business without rent, overhead, staff, or utility bills? The savings are passed on to you! One of our core values is to make the cat cafe experience available to and affordable for everyone.
  • Quality: We understand the importance of each and every dollar. You deserve to get the most for your hard-earned money! The money we save by being mobile goes directly towards sourcing high-quality, locally-made gourmet coffee and pastries. Never store-bought, never mass-produced.
  • Efficiency: By going directly to our non-profit cat rescue partners during special events, we help save them valuable time and effort. Our goal for these events is to not only boost adoption and rescue awareness, but also bring more people directly on-site to where the experts and resources are located. 
  • Charitability: Studies have shown that animal therapy can be a tremendous source of help for those seeking physical and emotional healing. Moon Cat Cafe aims to one day partner with children's hospitals and elderly care centers to provide a bit of joy to those who need it most, at little to no cost to them.


[ Videos created by Anghel Paras from First Saturday Productions ]



Before you visit, please review the Rules below and check out the FAQ page. Thank you!


While we welcome anyone and everyone, we strongly recommend that you refrain from visiting Moon Cat Cafe if you have any of the following:

  • A severe allergy to cats

  • Young children who may engage in disruptive behavior

  • A health-related condition that may be exacerbated by the presence of cats




By entering, you awesomely agree to comply with all the rules below and release Moon Cat Cafe from all liability:

  1. Maximum human occupancy at one time in the cafe area: 6

  2. Please do not free the cats!

  3. Please do not bring your own cats or any other pets.

  4. Please be aware that cats are individuals, too. Sometimes they're playful, sometimes cranky. Sometimes they want to hang out, sometimes not.

  5. Please do not wake or pick up the cats.

  6. Please do not feed the cats any food or drinks.

  7. Tiny kiddos must have parental hawk-like supervision. Please understand we are not a petting zoo.

  8. Please no flash photography.

  9. Please keep the area clean, quiet, and relaxing.

  10. Although there's no strict time limit, please be mindful of and courteous to others who may wish to enter.


Thank you for your cooperation!

[ If you would like to copy or adapt this set of rules, please credit Moon Cat Cafe. ]



Do I have to pay to enter?

It's free to enter the merchandise area, where the entrance is located. Purchase of a cat cafe visit is required to enter the cafe area, which is separated from the merchandise area with a fully sealed glass door partition.


What is included in the purchase of a cat cafe visit?

Quite a lot! We think $12 is a great value when it includes all of the following (while supplies last):

  • 1 free cup of gourmet hot coffee, or 1 cold brew bottled coffee, or 1 Voss bottled water

  • 1 free gourmet pastry

  • 1 free Moon Cat Cafe reusable coaster

  • No strict time limit in the cat cafe


What kind of payments do you accept?

Credit cards, debit cards, and NFC payments (e.g. Apple Pay, Android Pay). We are currently a cashless and paperless business, in order to streamline processing.


Can I make a reservation to visit the cat cafe?

In true cafe spirit and out of fairness to all customers, we operate on a first-come, first-serve basis during our events. 

If you would like our mobile cat cafe to come to you for a private exclusive event within L.A. County or Orange County (e.g. party, study session, gathering with friends), we would happy to see if we can accommodate. (Note that we must receive at least 72 hours advanced notice, so that we can make the best preparations for the event.) Please email for availability and a quote!


Are the cats available for adoption?

For all events that we do with our non-profit cat rescue partners, yes! Each event always has a volunteer on-site to help answer any questions regarding the adoption process.


Is there a separation between food/drink preparation and the cat cafe area, like other cat cafes?

Yes, there is a fully sealed glass door partition between the merchandise area (where the coffee and pastries are located) and the cat cafe area (where the cats are located). All coffee is roasted and pre-packaged before delivery by our coffee supplier. All pastries are baked and pre-packaged before delivery by our pastry supplier. All bottled water is purchased. Moon Cat Cafe is not involved in any way with the food or drink production process.

We also carry plenty of hand sanitizer, wet wipes, lint rollers, and vet-grade disinfectant for all to use, in order to keep the cat cafe as clean and hygienic as possible.


Can I buy the food and drinks separately without visiting the cafe area?

Due to the unique classification of our mobile cafe (the first of its kind!), the food and drinks must remain complimentary and inclusive within the visit price. They cannot be sold separately. (See the Partners page for more food/drink details.)


Can I bring my own food and drinks? And will I receive a visit discount?

Although we encourage you to give our locally-sourced gourmet coffee and pastries a chance, you may absolutely bring your own food and drink, as long as the smell is not strong enough to cause offense to other customers. (Otherwise, we reserve the right to remove the food.) Your drink must also have a lid or some other type of covering.

Unfortunately, even if you do bring your own food/drink, we do not offer any visit discounts at this time. As we become more established, we hope to offer special discounts during limited periods in the future!


Can I bring my own cats or other pets?

No, as this would pose a potential safety hazard to both the cafe cats and customers. 


Which rescues do you work with for special on-site adoption events?

We work with some of the most long-established and reputable non-profit cat rescues in L.A. County and Orange County! Please see our Partners page for the full list.


Can I return the merchandise I bought?

Yes, you can return the merchandise at the mobile cat cafe within 30 calendar days of purchase, as long as the merchandise is in new and unused condition. Or you may choose to ship it back (please message us beforehand for the address), but the shipping cost will not be refunded.


Is Moon Cat Cafe air-conditioned/heated?

Yes, there are two HVAC ceiling units inside Moon Cat Cafe, one in the merchandise area and the other in the cafe area. Heating and cooling will be used depending on the outside temperature.


Does Moon Cat Cafe have wifi?

We do not offer wifi at this time.


Is Moon Cat Cafe wheelchair and handicap-friendly?

Of course! The steps leading to the entrance can be removed, so the entrance can accommodate a portable ramp for anyone needing wheelchair assistance.


Are there any job opportunities?

Not at the moment, but we'll definitely put the word out the moment we need more people!




Moon Cat Cafe is proud to feature on our shelves the fine handcrafted works of both local and global independent artists. They too run their own small businesses and create their beautiful products with great skill and love.


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